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How WARwanda supports Communities


Water Access Rwanda has the social responsibility to eradicate water scarcity in Rwanda by providing safe water access points to communities that previously lacked it. 

The ongoing cost  of water is affordable, while the water infrastructure requires an initial investment to get established, usucally an amount outside the range communities can afford. 

We have a range of solutions that we tailor to each community we work with. They range from public taps to water at home. The initial cost is from $5,000 to $25,000. To get a pipe at home, a family only needs to find $95 to tap into our established pipelines in certain communities. 

Some communities also need training and education on Hygiene and Sanitation. This training ensures that the water source is valued and that instances of waterborne diseases will be reduced. 

There are options for community water points: a handpump, a solar kiosk, an INUMA network. Reach out to us to make your contribution to the eradication of economic water scarcity in the world. 



What you can do


WARwanda organizes house-to-house trainings and school trainings to educate communities about Hygiene and Sanitation. We support communities to create WASH committees to manage water sources and help advance water access. 


We use the LifeWater WASH curriculum. This is particular in that it encourages development on the water and sanitation ladder using biblical messages with a focus on reconcialiation:

1. Between man and God

2. Between man and man

3. Between man and nature.


WASH Training

Wishing Well organized a walk to raise awareness of the water need in Rwanda


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