Will You Be Our New Apprentice Technician?

  • Do you get passionate about great products and services?

  • Are you relentless in your pursuit of deals, agreements and partnerships?

  • Is your heart joyful at the thought of satisfied customers?

  • Are you motivated by seeing lives changed for the better?

  • Do you want to make the world a much better place one person, one village and one country at a time?

  • Are you interested in creating relationships with fellow staff members and also the clients they serve?

  • Do you want to be Water Access Rwanda’s gateway to the world?

  • Do you have online blogs and social media posts we can look at right now?

  • Do you have some experiences and a high interest in sales and marketing?

  • Do you have an active portfolio of designs, proposals, written pieces, pictures, videos or other mediums of communication we can look at right (or can you put one together in the next week?)now.

Who We Want

We are looking for exceptional individuals to be responsible for our sales and marketing. 

This person will among other things:

  1. End-to-End be responsible for revenue generation in the company to achieve sustainability and growth plans.  

  2. Be responsible for online and offline marketing channels

  3. Keep contact with current, future and past clients to ensure proper communication and customer satisfaction

  4. Oversee and coordinate sales agents, sales locations and all sales channels.

  5. design and carry out marketing campaigns

  6. Be able to grasp the company's target market needs and characteristics

  7. Provide reporting on a regular basis to management with data and insight on sales and profit margin to inform cost setting. 


Bachelors degree or higher with a lingering hunger for more knowledge.


the person should be of high-energy, be proactive and a go-getter. He/she should be able to work unsupervised and take complete responsibility for results.

Prior Experience

The person should be able to demonstrate prior management and leadership experience with small teams- we’re looking for the ability to monitor and report on all sales and marketing results.

MUST Skills

High computer proficiency with simple website editing (Wix)  and social media management experience 

Send an email to hr@warwanda.com with: 

  1. CV in PDF Format

  2. Email body should be your cover letter addressed to the Managing Director

  3. Any other relevant attachment showing your work (links are also accepted)

The email subject should be : Sales and Marketing Officer

!!! All emails not fulfilling submission requirements will not be considered. 

Note: this position has a base salary based on chosen candidate's experience with most income expected to come from bonuses and commissions on generated revenue. 

If You Qualify