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I started to work with Water Access Rwanda as an intern. In my time here, I found a lot of pleasure in working with a social business that is looking to provide clean water and eradicate economic water scarcity in Rwanda.

WARwanda's main goal is to provide water to Rwandan people. Thus, we are conducting site assessments for future boreholes all over the Rwandan villages using VES, also known as ‘Vertical electrical sounding system’, to find out if there is water below your soil and, especially, where the best location to drill would be. VES improves well success rate from 50% to 85-100%.

Our last VES was conducted in the RUHANGO DISTRICT. This is the district which has hills and valleys situated in south-central Rwanda. Anyone visiting this district especially down near the villagers is in for a multitude of surprises:

First, the area is truly breathtaking. But what is most remarkable is that the physical beauty of the area does not include any current source of water. Many of their villages have dense population with significant water problems because we have remarked that they did not have access to any current source of water around them.

One of the worst things to see is to hear the children claiming for water. I was shocked when I was told a story about children not being allowed to go to school in the community. Can you imagine why?

Usually the children are the ones in charge of getting the water early in the morning before they go to school. This causes them to be late at school due to long distances from the unprotected water source they use for fetching water every morning. When children are late they very often are not allowed into the classroom. It’s causal violence on the children’s priorities.

I’m calling everybody to like these great reflective actions the WARwanda is taking to our communities.

I am so very proud to work with WA Rwanda for the development of Rwanda.

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