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Water Access Rwanda is Significantly Serving Humanity

I started working at Water Access Rwanda as an intern a month ago. During this last month, I got to learn what humanity is and what living a meaningful life means. I had studied about people who served as epitomes of humanity such as Paul Farmer, a medical doctor who provides proper health care to rural areas in developing countries, and volunteers with the Peace Corps, who go to vulnerable areas and help in forms of education and health. And, after each class, I would sit down and ponder the contribution that I had to give on making our world a better place. I knew in my mind that the inaccessibility to clean and safe water was a problem to be addressed, but I did not know how one would impact the lives of people in that sector. Fortunately, I got an opportunity to intern with Water Access Rwanda, and this was a seldom opportunity for me to foresee what my dream career looks like and the importance it would bring to Rwandan citizens.

On 22nd June this year, I got to witness with my eyes how impactful the deeds of Water Access Rwanda are to the local population. It was in the morning like all others when the whole team departed to Mageragere sector, Nyarufunzo cell to officially open a water kiosk. People who live nearby had spent many years walking miles and miles to fetch water, little did they know that they had underground water in only 50 meters from their homes. It was a ceremony full of laughter, joy, and dances for walking a long distance to find clean water had finally become the weight off their shoulders. One of the women in Nyarufunzo said, "I used to take a bath only once in three days because of scarce water, but now, that I can get water at any time, I am going to be cleaner and better looking." This woman, along with many children who used to wake up early in the morning and go to fetch water before going to school, indeed shows how this community needed water near them. And, now, that they have access to safe water near them, their lives are making more sense.

As Leo Tolstoy said, "Sole meaning of life is to serve humanity." I believe that there would be no better way of helping people than rescuing and saving them from all diseases and consequences associated with using unclean water. When my morning alarm rings, I wake up joyfully as I know that my contribution, however little it might be, has a part in serving someone somewhere. With this in mind, I believe that all Water Access Rwanda team is living a meaningful life by serving humanity around Rwanda.

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