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Opportunities for Growth

"Work hard, believe in yourself, and find your self-motivation" : these are words that I am always told in Water Access Rwanda by Christelle Kwizera (our Managing Director).

I started working in Warwanda as an intern in June, 2017. At that time I was still a student at Akilah Institute for Women and the internship offered a great opportunity to work in a social enterprise where money is not the main or only concern, but rather a place where the well being of communities we serve are at the center of all we do. I had to grab the opportunity to be part of this team. I am now a project admin for WARwanda managing mainly our INUMA kiosks spread throughout Nyarugenge District.

Working in Warwanda as a student has sharpened my mind and spirit in all angles of my life. This is a place where I get challenged every single day, where they care about my personal development, where being young is not a sign of insecurity, misbehaving or incapability but rather a sign of strength, courage, boldness, purpose, and enthusiasm. It is just something else to look around and see other talented young people to work with.

My internship has also opened many doors and opportunities for growth and involvement in fighting the water crisis. For example the biggest partner of Warwanda (Water4) offered me an opportunity of being their reporting coordinator. This was unbelievable as they didn’t see me as just a new graduate without experience but they believed in my existing abilities and saw my desire to learn.

I believe that success is not an accident but it is hard work, perseverance, learning and most of all the love of what I am doing.

Why we love Gretta: Gretta is a self-managed hard worker who doesn't shy away from challenges but rather gets excited by the opportunity for growth they bring. We are so honored to have her part of our team at Water Access Rwanda - MD Christelle Kwizera.

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