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Our INUMA SHero: Claudette Dushimirimana

"It is so blissful to see how people's lives have changed since water Access Rwanda gave clean water to our community." Says Claudette Dushimirimana, our INUMA hero running the show at Nyarufunzo Nexus.

From 4 hour wait times to fights erupting at the only water source this community shares with 6 other villages, the residents of the community have went from struggling to get water, to enjoying their daily water fetching routine.

"I am very glad to be part of this fight against Water crisis in Rwanda. As a young lady in a rural community that is quickly urbanizing; being bold, following set rules , standing for what I believe is right for all people in my community and doing my job fairly are the values that have helped me to succeed in this job.

Some in the community are surprised how this lady is able to manage the highly technical water point. She keeps it organized and orderly so as to provide a fetching experience that is very different from the disorder and fights that used to mark the daily water fetching task for many women and children. Claudette stands her ground and is strict, silencing with her action those that that would minimize her capacity to run this place.

"Sometimes unruly customers may want to refuse the order put in place to allow for fairness for all customers. My resolve to keep it fair and be bold in the face of potential threats has really been a lesson for the community that women are capable. now people respect me and what I do." - adds Claudette.

She is truly a remarkable lady who with her resolve and courage in the face of potential trouble chooses t keep the community's needs upfront against those who would seek to break the rules to get preferential treatments. Claudette runs our very first INUMA and we couldn't prouder of the example she has set for all young girls in her community and all future kiosk attendants.

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