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"Have you ever felt like a heavy stone that is stuck in your heart and all of a sudden its gone and you feel released ? This is what I felt when I first saw INUMA Water in my area and then in my compound few weeks ago". Said Geltrude Nyiranzabonimana, one of the clients that we have connected in Rwintare Village.

She continues, I have lived in Rwintare for 2 years without any source of clean water. As a mother I was always worried about how i will get water to cook for my children. The cheapest water I could get was 200RWF/Jerrican which is so expensive for unsafe water.

Late in september 2017, INUMA came in Rwintare with clean and safe water at a cheaper price (20RWF)/Jerrican, "The LORD HAD ANSWERED OUR PRAYERS" was all we could say. We heard that INUMA water can reach even into houses, I quickly registered and completed their forms and signed a contract after. I was so thrilled, happy ,excited and impatient to see clean water in my compound.


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