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The warrior's dream job.

Men in suits, women in heels and people in rolling chairs who have so many phone calls to answer, were my images of a workplace.

When I first joined in Water Access Rwanda, I had just finished high school and had no idea about how things work in the real world. I came here because I want to learn something new and because I did not want to sit around and do housework everyday.

From the time I have been here, I now know that struggle really does exists because that is what we encounter. Everyday you are struck with a challenge that needs to be solved and you get to experience its effect to other people at first hand.

I got here as just a high school graduate who used to cram everything and hopefully get good grades. I used also to debate about the world challenges but I never really believed it until I got here. I have been able to see for myself how scarce water can be, how unemployment really affects the lives of people and what really happens at workplaces.

Now i can say without a doubt that am a high school graduate with working experience. I now know what team work really means, what it's like to be professional and how to enjoy a work

well done.

I couldn't have done it that without the help of all my colleges here at Water Access Rwanda.

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