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Jean Bosco worked at INUMA and saved up money to pursue his studies!

"There is nothing great than contributing in someone's growth and success" Jean Bosco Kubwimana joined WAR last year as a kiosk attendant of one of our 12 INUMA Kiosks located in Nyarugenge district in Dayori village. " I am 21 years old and I joined WAR when I had just graduated from high school with excellent grades and a scholarship but circumstances made me not go to school as my parents were not able to cover the rest of the school expenses." Says Jean Bosco, "I decided to work hard and save for me to pursue my studies, now I am ready to go to campus this next month and make the world a better place as I would like to contribute in the growth of my community".


"I learnt a lot while working for warwanda such as making a report, customer care, some technical skills that I am sure will help me in future days coming. My english skills have gone up as I was meeting with different people who are not Rwandan and tried my best to keep on learning so that I can communicate well with them.

I got encouragements from my supervisor who knew my story since the beginning and was always following up on how I am saving and reminding me that I have a bright future and its a must for me to go back to school, if it wasn't her advice, i would still be postponing but she was pushed hard and it really worked out".

We are always thrilled to contribute in the growth of young amazing and hardworking women and men in various areas that we work in.

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