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“No room for complacency”. The science behind corona virus still outwits the millennial scientific theories and applications against its vaccine. The vaccine is to entice us no less than a year according to the World Health Organization’s current ammunition. It is thus everyone’s responsibility to adapt to change or die, not to mention more than 20,000 deceased Spanish due to this pandemic. Do not procrastinate as nobody can escape. Everyone is accountable.

The current blueprint to sabotage the pandemic should be simple to follow. In fact, the pandemic has hurled every economy and every society as well, dissipating the long-term savings. We must adhere to the measures disclosed to every citizen through the media to mention but a few, such that we can extricate the insurmountable effects of the Corona Virus pandemic.

Social distancing, wearing face masks in crowds, washing hands with clean water and soap for sufficient time; remain the incontrovertible ways to transmute the apparent effects and premonitions of this pandemic into stepping stones to instigate economic development and retain our prominent lifestyles. Remember; no procrastination, nobody can escape. It is everybody’s responsibility to fight against this pandemic, everyone is accountable.

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