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Drilling is an occupation of old. For many millenniums, human beings have found their way to water-bearing underground layers.

Agriculture is considered the best discovery of all the time but drilling for water, is another great one. In our modern days, agriculture may not survive without proper exploitation of underground resources.

Imagine how much our ancestors worked to find water from 70m, 100m and more below ground levels in desert lands using only a rope which they released from up to the bottom and pulled out by their muscles.

Yet by this effort, they were no more thirsty and crops flourished all around them; it's amazing!

May Our God be glorified on high for his wisdom through human beings!

Millenniums have spent, and life didn't stop needing water to survive and thrive.

Many innovations and improvements seduced a considerable number of people in this water sector.

Nowadays we have manual drilling, semi-manual drilling and mechanized, cable drilling. Everything is possible to perforate deepest layers and even the hardest ones.

A good understanding and experience in percussion and hydrogeology is goes a long way in this sector.


Written after a percussion training in Malawi that two WARwanda drillers participated in.

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