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Job Vacancies

Find vacancies on our careers portal through the above link.


Read Before Applying

Employees at Water Access Rwanda are the core of the company’s capacity and ability to do more. We have very strong value systems in place and select with an intentional look at values.


Our values are :

1. Flexibility - We accept changes with joy and bring creativity and innovation in handling obstacles. We recognize the uniqueness of each situation and the value of unity in handling anything.

2. Advocacy - We are our customer’s strongest advocate and actively plead for clean water as a basic right arguing against all and anything that would set us backwards.

3. Integrity- We are persons of integrity with sound morals and ethical principles. Holding steadfast to our values in small, and in big, in pleasure and in pain.

4. Training- We are constantly look for opportunities to get better, investing in our growth, and taking advantage of every learning opportunity, particularly failure.

5. Haste - We maintain a bias to action, recognizing the urgency of getting safe water to everyone.


A lot of us are daily challenged by our work and this is a core part of working at Water Access Rwanda – you must be a person who enjoys a good challenge and improves after every occasion.

BUT we don’t believe in struggling constantly: we believe in building our basic skills and training ourselves in whatever new skill we need so we can become excellent and fast at doing whatever our work calls for.

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