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Water The main Root Of Development

What dod you hear when someone says development? Is it an image of high rise buildings gracing the landscape of your capital city? Some speak of ‘development’ without think of a droplet of water. But can we really develop without water? Current indicators show otherwise. The poorest nations suffer the most from lack of water.

People Use Water so much in their daily life to the extent they forget of it when it is available. I can compare this to how we forget about air, while we breathe it every second. Or when you are so focused on a target, that you think of the lefts and rights to get there, yet pay no attention to the feet getting you there. Perhaps you’re doubting! Let me help to refresh our minds; let consider a normal day: someone, a guy, woke up and a took a glass of water if he is a sport man as I, he might have taken two or three. After bathing or taking a shower, he goes for breakfast which may consist of Tea, Coffee, porridge… one may say that he took bread only forgetting that to process that break in the bakery, they had to use tones of water, washing dishes and preparing the flour.

Can you picture how much water is needed for just getting ready in the morning? Let’s continue with the day, not forgetting you went at work wearing clean clothes. So, at your work place perhaps there is this garden outside your window you always look at while refreshing your mind, it’s green and it attracts your eyes whenever you happen to gaze at it. It may be a sunny season but the garden never knows it as it’s constantly irrigated. what about the cup of coffee and tea you take and provide for your 10am meeting? A glass of water here and there, a stop to the bathroom when you easily flush and go on to wash your hands. The cleaning that takes place to make this a place you feel comfortable in (well… without the stressful workload).

The same happening in your office, home, garden might be the same happening miles away perhaps in BUGESERA, in a banana field. The rain may have been little but this farmer might be producing as much bananas as in a rain season. This farmer might have had that land for years wondering of what he may use it for. With many effort and advices from professionals he now is irrigating using Underground water.

After work, our guy might need to buy some food on his way home. He may buy some vegetable with which he will be mixing with the banana from BUGESERA. Our guy not being conscious of the quantity of water required for those vegetables and bananas to grow and be prepared for the market, he will again use some water for cooking it. Of cause since our guy has a clean man, he will reach his house and find it is cleaned from the floor to the ceiling. If our guy had a car, he couldn’t drive it dirty of course. THIS IS WHY WATER IS A BASIC NEED! This is why for someone speaking of development, water is running in the background with a 50% percentage if we would compare development to a CPU of a computer. In every Aspect of a human life, water is there to play a huge role in whatever his or her accomplishments.

This is why as us, Water Access Rwanda, have chosen to supply to Rwanda the most basic need for a durable and secure Development. With our goal being to provide water scarcity solution in an affordable, simple and durable manner. Every One might know this quotation saying: “WATER IS LIFE” but without disrespecting the one that stated is I would rather quote it like:” CLEAN WATER IS LIFE” I think you all agree with me that you can’t be having for example Nyaborongo water in a glass drinking it and call it life, though Nyabarongo water can be used for irrigation.

Next time you want to develop your land, think about water. Let stand together as we fight this good fight of providing water across the whole country of Rwanda. “NTIDUGAHARANIRE GUSIGA IS UKO TWAYISANZE, AHUBWO DUHARANIRE KUYISIGA ARI NZIZA KURUSHAHO”Christian Hirwa

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