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INUMA: The Ultimate Solution

We have no doubt in the capacity of INUMA to eliminate the water crisis while providing next level comfortable water access to communities. One of our biggest barriers right now is that we are deploying a great solution, yet don't have the resources to establish many of it right away, so we end up with these big lines on our water points, such as here in NZOVE.

The line goes like this from morning to nighttime.

This is particularly a surprise when you set up in an area that already had some level of water access, expecting only a few to use INUMA. The reliability of INUMA is really seen when all neighboring villages are out of water, and all fetchers swarm to INUMA as they know INUMA always has water.

The challenge remains to have enough funding to invest in more systems across the country so as to reduce the line even at INUMAs. By the way, the line may be long (in size), but it is not a long wait.

Always remember that the water cycle and the life cycle are one

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