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The company deploys innovative and next-level services and systems to provide clean and purified clean water. All living beings are water-dependent and over 72% of productive sectors require water, there is no one-fit-all solution when it comes to providing clean water. We seek to be a solution for different segments of the market. The solutions offered are bundled through four different offerings each targeted to a different customer segment. Each of the solutions is complemented by our capacity to conduct geophysical surveys and other feasibility studies.


To ensure all taps provide safe water and encourage rainwater harvesting,  Amazi provides first flush diverter systems and point of entry filtration systems. With this solution, households, schools, clinics can save on their water bill in the rainy season while reducing the amount of run-off water that would otherwise cause flooding. 



INUMA creates a borehole-fed micro-grid piped safe water network where purified safe water is available at public points and piped into households for private access. All water is purified through a treatment process, pumped using solar and AC and sold via pre-paid water meters activated through a token. 



The full company’s technical capacities can be re-arranged and bundled up to achieve other project objectives for custom-designed projects run by NGOs, Carbon Credit Project Developers, government, CSR partnerships, etc. With VOMA projects, we also offer WASH training, baseline surveying and M&E aspects through smart surveying tools.



Targeted at farmers and off-grid businesses, uhira includes a borehole, a hybrid pump, a pipeline, elevated storage system and an optional cattle trough or tap system from the tank. 

Our systems allow for reliable access to safe water anywhere, even when living far from surface water.

Our team accompanies you from survey to maintenance.



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