Water Access Rwanda offers services in borehole drilling, casing of shallow water wells, pump installation and maintenance and repair. Follow the links below for details. 

Community Development

We offer trainings that target spiritual and economic development of beneficiary communities. Out curriculum is designed to make sure our most vulnerable clients can move out of the cycle for poverty. It comprises of :

  1. mWASH

  2. Financial Stewardship

  3. Small Scale Waterpoint  Management 

Site Assessment 

Using hydrogeology expertise and V.E.S Data, our technicians help you know the location of your next borehole and present you best options for drilling complete with quotations.

Choose between:

  1. Simple Site assessment by a drilling technician

  2. A complete site geo-survey by a certified VES surveyor 

Rural Water Supply

Manual boreholes and Solar Water Kiosks to help a community access clean water and break the cycle of poverty.

We offer:

  1. Manual Drlling

  2. Semi-automated Drilling

  3. Mechanical Drilling

  4. Hand Pump O&M

Water Filters

Our unique L6 0.1 Micron Filter is an ideal filter that can make rain water, and turbid water drinkable without boiling or using chemicals. 

Tested by RSB (Rwanda) and EPA (USA), it is the best for long-term, painless access to clean water. 

We also offer a range of other filter products.

Submersible Pumps

We supply, install and repair:

  • Hand Pumps

  • Electrical  Pumps

  • Solar Pumps

We provide best brands and most affordable options. We will also get you your own unique choice at best price.


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