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Your Own Water Point


You don't have to live near a river, lake or other surface water to execute a water project. Through well-constructed boreholes, you can access underground aquifers for reliable access to clean water for your project. Our groundwater systems are ideal for farms, schools, health facilities, and other institutions. 

To get your water project done, we follow a simple 4-step process. Read more by clicking on each below. 

Hydro-geological Surveys

Vertical Electric Sounding and Seismic Surveys provide a detailed profile of the layers below ground. Our affordable surveys increase your chances of finding water at the most affordable location on your land. 

Don't leave it up to chance!






point surveys

Our affordable geophysics toolkit allows us to probe the underground up to 60m below ground level using resistivity. We also examine the spread of layers through a property using seismic surveys. 

For $500, our team is at your disposal for a survey throughout to locate groundwater and the layers below visible ground.  

Each survey includes:

1. 2-4 VES points 

2. A detailed report studying hydrogeology, geology, recharge and discharge zones and groundwater potential in your area. 

The final report is delivered no later than 3 workdays after the field visit. 

3. A quotation for the proposed project.

Note: We understand that many seek our services when looking for groundwater. Thus we must be precise that a survey is not a guarantee of water. 

The results of the survey will be either negative, positive or inconclusive. 

We promise to do our best to provide information and diligently work to provide you with water. We hope you understand that we work within established natural boundaries and natural laws, and we are merely messengers.

Borehole Drilling

Machine Drilling


Manual Drilling

Affordable Boreholes

Underground water aquifers offer an unlimited source of clean water that can be accessed through a borehole. Water Access Rwanda drills and cases boreholes. We use a variety of methods to find water for you.


We have built our expertise with manual drilling techniques and offer an attractive fixed fee for a shallow borehole up to 50m deep that was surveyed by our team. Water in the borehole is tested both in quantity and quality, ensuring you are ready to use the borehole as desired. 

The company can drill using machine drilling as well, allowing for quick project output and reaching water at depths up to 150m and beyond.

Our Special Offer


One simple price for a manually-drilled borehole up to 50m. VAT Incl.  

Ask us for price per depth.

12.1 days

Our current number of days spent on a drilling project. 

Our Experience


boreholes, of which 72 were manually drilled. 


Average yield per hour of boreholes equipped with solar/electricity. 



Once we know the water in your borehole, we size and install a submersible water pump and add the following: 

  1. Pipeline to deliver water to an elevated tank

  2. Elevated tank

  3. Solar or generator power for your pump

  4. Cattle trough if needed.

We have installed to date 28 kilometres of plumbing and 40 submersible pumps (mainly hybrid pumps accomodating both solar and generators). 

Uhira Advantage

we are proud to offer our borehole drilling services to farmers who live uphill or far from surface water. Through this program, farmers get a full system and 12 months to pay. Allowing them to experience easy access to water without the financial burden of a loan. 

How it works

​​This program is offered by Water Access Rwanda to simplify farmers’ access to clean and reliable water on their farms.  

Following a positive  survey report we share:

  • The total cost of the full project as designed with the client.

  • The payment schedule (usually 25% upfront and 12 equal instalments after project handover). 

  • Agreement to be executed between the farmer/business and Water Access Rwanda

If interested, fill out the interest form here:


Maintenance and Repair


We'd love to hear from you

Thanks! Message sent.


All our systems come with a 1-year warranty that includes free maintenance check-ups 


Already had a borehole drilled but now it is no longer working?

Water Access Rwanda will gladly check your internal well connections, pump and repair your well. 


maintenance and repair
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