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Hydro-geological Surveys




Vertical Electric Sounding and Seismic Surveys for a detailed profile of the layers below ground. Our affordable surveys increase your chances of finding water. 

Don' t leave it up to chance!



point surveys

Our affordable geophysics toolkit allows us to probe the underground up to 60m below ground level using resistivity. We also examine the spread of layers through a property using seismic surveys. 

For $500, our team is at your disposal for a survey throughout to locate groundwater and the layers below visible ground.  

Each survey includes:

1. 2-4 VES points 

2. A detailed report studying hydrogeology, geology, recharge and discharge zones and ground water potential in your area. 

The final report is delivered no later than 3 work days after the field visit. 

3. A quotation for the proposed project

Note: We understand that many seek our services when looking for groundwater. Thus we must precise that a survey is not a guarantee of water. 

The results of the survey will be either negative, positive or inconclusive. 

We promise to do our best to provide information and diligently work to provide you with water. We hope you understand that we work within established natural boundaries and natural laws, and we are merely messengers.

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