Our Partners

Water Access Rwanda would not exist without committed and highly generous partners. Our partners contributed highly to the execution of the 2014 Summer project, the kick project for Water Access Rwanda. 

During this time, we raised over $60,000 to train the project staff, take on apprentices and build 13 water wells to serve communities around crocodile-infested lakes. 


Individual Contributors
Individuals who contributed financially to the 2014 summer project. 
  • Jim And Merilyn Fincher

  • Jose Freede

  • Dr. Alfred Last

  • Al and Judy Branch

  • Ken and Sharon Davidson

  • Luke Roberts

  • Alfred and Treva Brensing

  • Richard Spies

  • Jerome Holmes

  • Mark and Beth Brewer

  • Sam Hammons

  • Richard and Ada Blankenship

  • John Waldo

  • Jeri Strange

Organizations that contributed financially to the 2014 Summer Project
  • Hobby Lobby

  • MidCon, Inc

  • Imagenet

  • Colony Homes LLC

  • Farzaneh Properties LLC

  • Mercy Hospital

  • Classen SAS

  • KingFisher Rotary Club

  • Weatherford Rotary Club

  • Stillwater Rotary Club

  • Virungra Rotary Club