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One 10-tablet pack of Aquatabs 33mg. 

Aquatabs 33mg Tablet

  • Add 1 tablet to 5L of water. 

    Wait 30 minutes

    *if water is visibly dirty, remove sediment using a cloth filter first.


    • Certification Standards:


      • Pharmaceutical manufacturer -certificate of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)
      • Audited by HPRA (Health Products and Regulatory Authority of Ireland) to EU directive.
      • ISO 9001:2008
      • ISO 13485: 2012


    • Raw material and packaging suppliers audited to GMP and /or ISO9001:2008 standard by Medentech personnel.
    • Medentech operates a fully audited batch tracking system and retains samples of all batches for shelf-life plus one year.
    • Validated manufacturing processes.
    • Complete quality control analysis for all batches according to customer specifications
    • Stability studies conducted according to ICH (International Committee on Harmonisation) Guidelines.
    • Has a team of highly qualified technical personnel to PhD standard.
    • NSF Approved for 10mg per litre. ( Not all products NSF approved)
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