The Clean Sip (TM) Straw Filter uses state of the art technology in water filtration. It combines the following media for clean water:

  1. Three micro filters
  2. Activated charcoal
  3. A patented high purty metal alloy with dissimilar metals (negative and positive). 

This means the filter will reduce the following contaminants: lead, mercury, hydrogen sulfide aluminum, arsenic, fluoride, cadmium and barium, chlorine, algae, fungus, scale, sediment and E-Coli. 


R₣14,000 Regular Price
R₣13,000Sale Price
  • The straw will treat approximately five-ounce glasses of water a day for up to 4-6months depending on the condition of the water. 


    Ideal for when you are traveling and are un-sure of the quality of the water you will be consumming. 


    It comes with a container, when not in use, keep it safe in the container. 

    The straw Filter is an individual filter to not be shared. 


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