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Water is life

As humans we need water to live. Water is very important and necessary in all of our daily life activities. Someone may need water for cooking, for drinking, for washing clothes, dishes and so on. If you were to state every one’s needs for water you couldn’t finish.

We live on a planet that is 2/3 water. But even if 71% of the earth is covered by water, only 2.5% of that water is drinkable the rest being saline ocean water.

This may look at first like a very small amount, but it is actually an under-used resource.

In a Country like Rwanda, the most used source of water is surface water, which in many part is dirty water exposed to contaminations. Rain water is also in use in some parts of the country where it is abundant, however in some other it is not reliable.

Treatment of surface water can be expensive and especialy straining on a poor nation like Rwanda where a big part of the population lives on less than $1.25 per day. Treated water that is piped throughout most urban zones in Rwanda only reaches 5.3% of Rwandan households.

There is no replacement for water that can be more available than water itself. And thus water becomes a scarce resources for communities with no infrastructure. Many resort to fetching from unprotected sources, some risking their lives in the process of fetching and later from waterborne diseases.

So if you were given a chance to fight for something, what could that be?

This is why I and other staff joined Water Access Rwanda, this is the why we wake up every day and go proudly to our Job which is providing clean water to all Rwandans. This is the why we’ve chosen to fight for that person who does not have access to clean water.

We are drillers, not Gold drillers, Petrol drillers or Mineral drillers but rather WATER drillers. In all the cases you cannot use gold, petrol or other mineral for cooking or drinking purpose and we all know that to live we have to drink and to eat. Did you know a person caught in a harsh environment can survive a full 3weeks without food but a mere 3 days without water. This is because you and every person around you is made mainly of water.

Drilling Water is what we do with happiness and joy, for we know that after our departure a whole community of 100-200 households will be having clean water and waving away waterborne diseases and the hardships of walking long and hard walksto reach unclean/ clean water sources. More Lives will be changed!

This is who we are; we are Water Access Rwanda

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